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What is a good myth to prove in chemistry class?

I am doing a project in chemistry where we have to prove a myth whether its true or false.An example can be like what boils faster, hot water or cold!!!But I can not use that oneAnd it has to be reasonable so i can get the materials!!


I remember doing one regarding extra iron in breakfast cereals. The main issue is that instead of easy to digest iron complexes, iron filings were used. We got some Total cereal and simply added it to water. After it gets a little mushy, add a magnetic stir bar (hopefully they are strong enough, they usually are) and then place it on a magnetic stir plate. Let it stir for a while and then look at the magnet - you should see iron filings. Try different cereals with added iron (and some without as controls). By the way, the cereal companies are not breaking laws or poisoning people!
Salt water boils faster then distilled water. Pennies are made from copper. Placing a frozen object on a thick sheet of Al will make it melt faster then a glass or plastic cutting board.
Spell humererus correctly: characterized by humor; funny; comical: a humorous anecdote. Its not a bone in your arm. GO GREEN: fry or Green Eggs and Ham with solar power. Dine Al Fresco with sidewalk scrabbles. Do not heat up the kitchen in August use the Sidewalk Fryer a concrete step to save the planet.

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