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what is a ""locking"" tuning machine? ?

I keep hearing about them, what are they, and how do they work? and how do you tell the diffrence from a locking tuning machine and a regular one?


A CraneA tow truck couldn't do it.
You call a tow truckThey'll tell you if they can get it outIf they can't they us ally know who to call.
The only real way would be to use a crane.
You tow it out from the shallow endIt's not much different then towing a car out of a ditch off the highway.
I have a set of Sperzel locking tuners.good stuffThey will do a good job as long as you have a decent guitar with a good bridge on itLocking tuners are simple machine heads that lock tight after you tune your stringsThey are to keep your strings from going out of tune.thats allTo keep the intonation stableYou lock them by turning the screw clockwise on the back of the tuner on the headstock of the guitarEach tuner has a lock on the back of it to lock the string in place.the top brands of Locking tuners are: Sperzel Fender Schaller Gotoh Die - Cast Tuners ( normal tuners) DO NOT have locking screws on the back of them so you can't lock themDie Cast Tuners are common and do a good job of keeping tune also.

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