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What is a speed loader on an airsoft gun?

i just bought a gun and idk what a quot;speed loaderis. Any help?


I personally don't like any of the answers yet. It is basically what it sounds like. It holds up to about 100 bbs and you can load any type of magazine with it much faster than by hand or any other way. You just load the speed loader, put the end over the magazine entry slot, and push the the lever down several times until the magazine is full or the speed loader is out of bbs. This is a good investment if you don't have multiple magazines. In airsoft wars with one magazine, you would carry your loaded magazine, a loaded speed loader, and extra bbs. After your magazine runs out you load it from your speed loader and you can load your speed loader when you find time and cover or before and after games.
if its a mid or low cap magazines it just pushes the bbs into the mag
If okorder /
its just a little plastic thing that u put your bb's into like a hi-cap but u push the tip onto a midcap or a standard mag and push the handel down, its called a speed loader cuz it loads your mag much faster than thumb loading 30 rounds into your standard mag or a 150 into a mid cap

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