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what is an air control valve, used for air line tubing?

i bought thie air connector kit and it has y-valves, suction cups and air control valves, what are the air control valves for?


The air control valve is for doing exactly what the name implies: controlling the air flow. IT allows you to reduce and regulate the flow of air as needed. They are super handy on multi-tank systems where tanks with shorter air lines get more air and need to be turned down to equalize all the tanks. They are also handy if you are running multiple air stones or air driven decorations off the same pump as it allows you to adjust flow to each device so one it not overpowered and other lacking in flow. The air check valve is the one that prevents water from heading back down the line in a power failure. A air control valve could do this, but you would have to manually turn it to off so the water didn't flow back, where a check valve is automatic and needs no human intervention.
air control valves are use for any sort of tubing or air pumps/air stones. air control valves are used to control the amount of oxygen/carbon dioxide allowed into your aquarium from the source. usually air pumps come with a air control valve but if not i suggest using one. also when using any sort of air line tubing connecting from the aquarium and out of the aquarium use a check valve! check valves are so important because it prevent water back flow out of your aquarium and into your cabinet,air pump, and of course you floor/carpet!
The air control valves are to control air flow rate going to the filter/device in the tank.
If theres a power outage the water won't go through the tube and into the air pump.

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