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What is better? to add r-19 insulation to half the attic?

or to add r-13 to the entire house?I have a budget, and R-19 costs about as much for 1/2 the house than r-13 doesThis (fiberglass) would be on top of already existing R-19 blown in insulation.Where do I put my money on, since I live in Arizona (gets extremely hot!!!)


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Do the whole attic in the r13 otherwise you could create airflow between the less insulated and more insulated areas pulling the heat in the house through convection currentsJust remember to use unfaced insulation when adding insulation over existing insulation otherwise you could end up trapping moisture between new and old insulation causing mold and all sorts of nasty stuff to grow You could always come back with even more unfaced insulation when you get more $.
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