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What is eating at my carpet?

I noticed that my carpet has holes in it. there are tiny areas where the carpet strands are gone/eaten/disappeared/burned/etc and i don't know what it is. Also, around the area it is black or has black stuff left on the carpet (light brown carpet color). Any ideas as to what it is? How to stop it? Fix it? [also the only pets i have are fish]


there's a few things that live in carpets or breed there. but moths are the ones that are famous for holes. the larvae eat the rug then become moths. If you're lucky a little flea spray and the worms will come up so you can see them. start using boric acid or diatomaceous earth (buy the kind for this use not the pool filter material). sprinkle on carpet and brush deep with broom. Vacuum more regularly and put down more boric acid every few months at least.
Aug 23, 2017

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