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What is included in a whole car lift?

In my last question I needed to know the name of the rolling bed that mechanics lay on to go under cars i now know its a creeper. so jerk insulted me and called me cheap for not getting my bf the whole lift the idiot didnt know that I have no idea about cars and i wasnt aware that there is more to this. so my questions now is. what is included in the whole lift? a creeper and what else?


a lift is a 5000 doller thing to lift whole car.tell that guy to F offthe creeper is great
a creeper is not part of a lift and i dont think the guy that said the whole lift knows what he is talk about i think it just some kind of made up phrase he came up with
that guys a moron. a creeper is not a part of a car lift. if you want, you can do what the last person said on your other question get jack stands for him, if he doesn't have them. or a hydraulic jack, or some ramps to drive the car up onto. basically anything to help him get under the car easier

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