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What is living in an apartment like?

I am 19 years old, and have some disabilities, so when I move away from my parents, I will be living in an apartment so I do not have to worry about lawn care etcCan someone PLEASE tell me what living in an apartment is like exactly, what rules there are at most apartments, how often if at all employees and managers come into your apartment etc? any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated! For a tip on any information you may have, I live in Fort Wayne Indianathanks!


I'm in Wisconsin so we are not that far awayLiving in an apartment is like living in a smaller house minus some featuresLike laundry a lot of cheaper apartments you have to go to the basement to use the washing machineThese are usually coin machines so make sure you have quartersThe best rule to remember is to take note of anything wrong with the apartment unit once you first move inWrite down everything on a sheet they give youThis way you won't be blamed for any damages they see when you move outI'm not sure about Indiana, but in Wisconsin most apartments are disability friendly with ramps and elevatorsAlso there is no reason or business for your managers or coworkers to visit unless you personally want to invite themHope this helps^^
Tell her to be a dog walker, or find a very part time job (depending on her age) so she can make some extra money etc., she can learn something new, like web design, or painting, or tell her to get her photo's together and make a scrapbook - VERY time consuming but the outcome is an amazing keepsake, even if not for her, maybe she can start one now for a christmas gift for parents of grandparents this christmasBabysitting, reading, hiking, bicycling, etcJust a few idea's, good luck to you both, hope you two figure something out so she doesn't keep doing drugsToni Lynne )
Uhmm maybe you can take up an instrumentI know there usually are a lot of answers like this, but i used to do nothing during summer until I started playing instrumentsYou can play whenever you're bored and it's really a lot of fun! It's opened a lot of opportunities for me like travelling with a parade band in the summerYou can do other things besides playing an instrument of course, but if you ever get bored of outside, or it's a rainy day, you'll have something to do! I hope I helped, and Enjoy your summer! -Linz
YEAH!!! me, too! sport is sooo not so fun like it looks like! by the way busway, maybe you can read, play games, there are some games like the Sims, or petz, that can make you feel not bored and even you wanna play it again and againand you can buy a puzzle, the one with 500 pieces, you can do it the whole time to finish it!!! hahaha ^_^

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