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What is "mmc.exe"/"Device Manager"?

Well, one day, due to lack of excitement in my day, I decided to go on a little computer exploration adventure.I went to Control Panel System Hardware Device Manager Device Manager.However, once I clicked &Device Manager,& I was restricted from accessing &mmc.exe.&So what is this &mmc.exe&/&Device Manager,& and what does it do?


obviously you don't know what you are doing so call someone who does,,, you can end up burning your house down,,,,and no the horns may not work with just any system,, depends on the voltages used!! and learn english,, there is no such thing as : has went off
Sounds like you want to build a go-cart frame from pipe? If so, you should know that ordinary steel pipe, the type usually used for water, is rather fragile will crack easily for it's weight. Lots of people prefer to use structural tubing which has design and alloy properties that make it better for such things. It will resist bending cracking, but you'll probably have to weld it. If you're talking about very low power and low speed and have a lot of scrap pipe and fittings to play with, then you should think about triangulation. Concentrate on making your frame look like a lot of triangles.

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