what is more dangerous?

driving a car with a crazy nutt case inside or driving a motorcycle whose brakes dont work


it is an exhaust system that is from the cat back, its name is literal. catylitic converter idk how to spell it so its the exhaust from the cat on idk how else to say it
The motorcycle with no brakes is suicide ---they can be dangerous enough when the entire thing is in perfect running condition In the car---you could always resort to a back hand to silence the nut case---and if worse come to worse---you do have brakes---right ??
motorcycle with no brakesyou can always push the annoying nutt case out of the car but how are you going to stop if youre going fast on a motorcycle?
I CAN LIVE WITH A NUTTY GUY IN MY CAR BECAUSE I CAN PUSH HIM OUT ,but motor cycle kool but crazz please pick me for best answer!

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