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What is the advantage of the simple machine?

What is the advantage and the examples of the; (I am studying and some of these are not on the internet)There might be 2 of each so please 2 advantage of them and examples please.Inclinded planeMultiply Pulley1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Class LeverWedgeScrewWheel AxleWheel Axle


1) Handicap access ramp(A stationary wedge) 2) The only example I can think of for this is a crane for heavy lifting or a winch for pulling3a,b,c) A lever's class is determined by where the weight, force, and pivot point are locatedPivot Weight Lift First class (Wheelbarrow) Weight_^Pivot_Lift second class (prybar or a seesaw) WeightLiftPivot Third class (Human arm) 4) tree wedge for felling trees (a mobile inclined plane) 5) A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a shaftSo is an auger for moving grain67) Speed reduction gears on a lathe.

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