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What is the best affordable exhaust system for a Ford Focus ST?

I just bought a new Focus ST, and I absolutely love it. It s a certified pre-owned, so I won t do anything that voids my warranty through Ford. But I m going to put a new exhaust system on it. I know I have to buy one through Ford and have the dealer install it in order to keep my warranty. I want something relatively deep and growly, but I don t want to break the bank. So what are my options? I ve done some research online, but I can t find any good answers or sound clips. And I don t plan on modding the car too much.Thank you in advance, and I hope to find something worth while.


Not trying to be an *** about it, but unfortunately if you want a deep growl with a 4-cyl you're going to need 4 more cylinders
If you have to get it through Ford, then your only choice is the Ford Racing catback system, part number M-5200-FST. It's only one that won't give the dealership a possible way to void your warranty (it's a Ford part). As for the deep growly part. It's not going to sound like a V8 Mustang no matter what you do. Expect to spend around $900 for the catback system and about $200 for the install.
The one that comes stock from the factory

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