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What is the best carb for a 350 with a cam?

I have a 76 model Chevy one ton with a 400 turbo trans .I'm putting a decent cam in and I am ordering a holly 750cfm 4 barrel with the Edelbrock high performance intake from Summit I was wondering if this was too big or if it would be a good match this will be a daily driver but it has been under powered as far as get up and goIt will pull over a house but it takes all dayhas anyone done this modification before and how did u like it?


Which holley model? The differences can mean a lot For my two cents, I'd suggest a built q-jet - the small primaries will give you a much better vacuum signal for the low-end torque and good mid-throttle gas mileage, and the vacuum actuated secondaries will give you the higher end flowIf you get a dominator-type, the equal bores will tend to squash the low-end pick upRegarding the Edelbrock intake, I'd suggest keeping with the Performer unless you have aftermarket heads and headers; the Performer RPM runners are a bit big and will contribute to soggy low end performance unless you build a bit more aggressivelyThis is a truck, after all - you'll want to focus on getting a lot of torque with your hp! My second gen Camaro 350 build was with ported 882 heads, a mild performance Crane cam, a Performer intake and Jet-prepped carbI tried an Edelbrock carb (650 cfm), but a persistent un-solveable off-idle bog made me dump itI got about 310hp out of it - not bad at the time.

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