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what is the best cold air intake for my truck?

I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.7 hemi and i was woundering what would the best brand of a cold intake would be for my truck im leaning toward a kn but not sure if this is the best, this is my first cold air intake iv done on a vehicle so i want to get the right one also if you have a opinion on a throttle body spacer let me know on that also


The best one is the FACTORY one. Many people spend extra money on COLD AIR intakes, only to find they LOSE power and mileage, because it interferes with proper AIR/FUL mixture and affects engine sensros in a BAD way. The BEST thing for you is to keep your THROTTLE BODY and IDLE ARIR CONTROL VALVE celan, use MOBIL ONE synthetic 0W-30, and remove the factory plugs and install aset of BOSCH IRIDIUM spark plugs. This will get you MORE power and smoother acceleration than a different INTAKE arrangement will. GOOD LUCK!!!
KN intake systems, like the ones available for your '04 Dodge Ram Hemi, are designed to increase performance and protect the engine from harmful dirt and debris. KN systems are built for horsepower. In fact, one of the intakes designed for your Dodge showed an impressive estimated 10.48 horsepower gain. In today’s market place there are some pretty big cold air intake claims. KN doesn’t make claims; KN presents the facts, backed up by well documented tests and a 1,000,000 mile lifetime warranty. The use and installation of a KN intake is a simple bolt-on upgrade that does not require any additional tuning or parts such as a throttle body spacer. -Vincent Pistonetti KN Product Specialist
Robert M likely has not ever done a Cold air intake. Factory intakes are made to be QUIET, not to max the flow. That being said, Cold air intakes often don't pull any colder air than factory systems, but they can increase flow. Don't count on a lot of noticable power increase, but i did notice a couple mpg's better in the mileage department. It won't mess up your fuel mixture because you have a mass air flow sensor ;) if your truck was carbed then it can be an issue to change the air flow. But modern cars know how much air, and the temp before it goes into the intake manifold and adjust accordingly. Get a good system, KN invests a lot of time and research into using good materials and the proper AMOUNT of material for the size of the engine, this is a really important part that most people don't consider when they build their own system. You need enough filter material for the size of your engine. TBS - there is a mixed bag on opinions there. I wouldn't bother personally. They claim to increase air flow and mixture, and i've even heard that they can change the torque curve a bit. But I haven't done enough research to develop my own opinion.

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