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What is the best way to clean a large braided area rug?

This rug is on a hardwood floor and I'm not sure how to clean it without taking a chance of doing damage to the floor underneath it. The rug has never been cleaned before. Thanks


You could have one of those dri-chem company's come out and clean it for you. They use a non-steam cleaning product, so it wouldn't hurt your floor.
Karen's answer may well be ultimate, purely positioned it interior the backyard and soak the crap out of it.. yet once you haven't got a backyard, the bath will do. positioned it in, positioned some detergent in, (and perhaps the salt to assist save the dye from going everywhere) sleek it around lots and perhaps permit it soak, then drain and replenish the bath until you experience it extremely is rinsed.
You're not going to be able to clean it with water ... just won't work with the hardwood underneath. Lowe's carries a product called Capture and it's in the tile and flooring department here. It's a powdered rug cleaner product and you use it along with a spray bottle of cleaner. First you mist a section of the carpet lightly. Next sprinkle the Capture powder evenly over that part of the rug using the sifter that comes in the package. Brush it in thoroughly.Continue this way until the entire rug has been cleaned. Let it completely dry for a few hours and vacuum your rug to get the powder out. I have used it on wall to wall carpeting and also on an oriental rug. It costs about $20 - $25 for both the spray and the powder (sold separately). Even though you are lightly spraying the liquid, I still would be very cautious not to get any of it on the hardwood - maybe put layers of newspapers around the edges of your rug. If you have a concrete driveway, I would recommend taking it outdoors on a nice day to clean it. Your only other alternative would be to send it out to a rug cleaning company and that is often mega bucks. Good luck !

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