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What is the best way to push or pull A/C to 2nd floor?

We just had our 3 ton A/C replaced with 4 ton A/C due to adding A/C and heat to rear additionOur overall house sqare footage is 2500 sq ftProblem: The 2nd floor even after upgrading to 4 ton unit still is warmer than 1st floorHow can I get more airflow to the second floor? Add another return to the second floor?More details: The HVAC guy ran 1 ton to the addition with 5 branch supply registersHe added a 2nd return register at the floor level below the ceiling returnHe did this by cutting into the exsisting return trunk on the first floorWhen he replaced the furnace he also cut a small return duct 14 x 7 on the opposite side of the main return on the furnace.How can I correct the problems?


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The air goes to the point of least resistance so close down the main floor to push more air upYou can also run you furnace fan all the time this will help pull the heat down from the second floor when the AC is not runningTry to get any second floor return airs up near the ceiling, and last more insulation and attic ventilation, the cooler the attic is the cooler the second floor is.

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