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what is the cure for whole body vibration numbness.?

sometimes when i travel by a shaky auto or bus or train , i get numb in the whole body.a symptom i believe may be whole body vibration health hazard.and the intensity varies from time to time , depending on the healthy feeling before the travel and the type of vehicle and its vibration level.from head to toe .sometimes speech becomes difficult.


Millions of U.Sworkers are exposed to whole-body vibrations through the operation of trucks, fork-lifts, buses, heavy equipment, farm vehicles, helicopters, aircraft, railroad and subway trains, hovercraft boats, overhead cranes and other vibrating fixed plant equipmentContinual whole-body vibration can often lead to critical physical and medical difficulties such as spinal disorders, including herniated and degenerated discsIn women, possible miscarriages and other gynecological and reproductive disorders can resultVibration is a complex hazard that does not have one control measure that will solve all problems and requires a holistic approach using sound occupational health and safety principles of control taking into account the control measures included under the areas of engineering and administrative controlPersonal protective equipment can be used such as anti-vibration gloves to reduce the transmission of vibration to the hand-arm system, but care should be taken when using an unproven device such as a kidney or back belt for whole-body vibration, as this remains a controversial means of “protecting” the back and spinal system against this type of hazard and this practice is not used or recommended in any other country in the world except parts of South Africa and is a hot and controversial topic even when used for manual lifting activities.

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