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What is the function of carpet?

Carpet has rich patterns, gorgeous colors and diversified shapes, which can not only become the coordination agent of space, but also integrate space to improve texture. For example, the overall tone is monotonous. Paving a carpet with rich colors can not only make the space less empty, improve the sense of hierarchy, but also meet the personalized needs of residents.


The foot feeling of the carpet is comfortable, such as wood floor, marble, ceramic tile and other ground materials. In the cold and humid environment, the foot feeling is not so comfortable. Paving the carpet can well alleviate such problems.
The structure of the carpet is relatively tight and breathable, which can absorb and isolate sound waves, such as telephone and other noises, and has a good sound insulation effect.
(1) Carpets can well protect the floor decoration materials. If families walk frequently on the floor every day, the corresponding will be worn. When carpets are paved, they will be less worn. When some sharp things accidentally fall underground, they are also easy to cause damage to the ground. Paving carpets can play a better role in cushioning and isolation and protect the ground. (2) Some families will have children. Children will inevitably fall during play. If it's a wooden floor, it's OK. If it's a ceramic tile, it will be very painful, and there is a certain risk of injury. It's very good to put on a carpet for protection.
The fluff on the carpet surface can capture and adsorb the dust particles floating in the air, so that it is not easy to disperse again, reduce the indoor dust content, and effectively improve the indoor air quality.

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