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what is the land around a volcano used for??

bit confused, doin a project n wanted to no if the land around it was used for farming or nething useful????


A vapor barrier always will go the heated sideBut in you situation, just use unfaced insualtion in both applicationsDO NOT use any plastic to cover anything This will only trap moisture.
Paper faces the conditioned space Adding insulation always helps.
I post some insulation in my storage that's below my mattress room and that i do experience the version - I grew up in Philly and we live in a row residing house and our basement replaced into some what under floor so all we had to do replaced into insulate the residing house windows - yet once you have partitions that are dealing with the wind you are able to ought to post some thing there additionally - warmth will upward thrust some in case you are able to insulate your attic that's going to help - in case you have severe ceilings you additionally can decide to think of a pair of ceiling fan
Agricultural use for planting crops in the fertile soilIt also depends on what type of material was ejected from the volcanoIf there is a high percentage of pumice it can be mined for industrial abrasives, manufacture of glaces to spray on ceramic ware before firingCinder cone material for landscaping and gardeningObsidian flows are used for glass manufacture and decorative sculpturingThere are also hydrothermal fields around volcanoes that are producing steam for electrical generationSome thermal fields around volcanoes are used for recreation such as spas etc., etc .Oh volcanoes can be very beneficial or destructive to our lives.

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