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What Is The Strongest Type Of Bridge For My Project?

So, I am doing a project in physics soon on building a bridge that can hold the most weight possible, and anyone whose project holds more weight than required get Extra credit every extra pound.So, the bridge will be less than 1 foot long.I am thinking of an arch bridge, but is there any better type for such a quot;spanquot;I don't need to account for wind speed or anything, just weight.


Make it much less than a foot longOne inch, perhapsA two inch cube of tool steel, perhapsThat should hold many tonsBut that is not really allowed, is itYou have not given us any near all the specifications and limitations given in this assignmentEvery limitation and specification boxes in your choicesIf we are going to advise, we need to know everything that is required and everything that is allowedBut simple rules of physics say that taller is stronger than flatterTriangles rule- Regards, John Popelish

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