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What is this type of chair called?

Ok, I cant offer much help but I have wanted one of these chairs for a while but I don't know what it's called. Here is the only picture I could find without the name.


You have a good eye for nice furniture, they are called Fireside Chairs and were traditionally used in private gentleman's clubs and other places as well as private homes of the wealthy. Now they are being reproduced as in the picture you posted.
It's hard to tell in the picture, but it appears to be a pair of high-backed wing chairs. The style of the back with the puckers and buttons is called tufted. This style of a low-backed sofa is called a chesterfield. You can look up images online to see examples. The arm is rolled, and the trim is called nail head trim. And of course, the material is leather. These chairs look like the type that would be found in a fancy home library or in an elite country club setting or maybe even an exclusive pub. I don't think a similar chair would be hard to find. But if the back is as high as it appears to be, that may be a hard part to come up with.

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