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What is use to dissolve cement?

I got a chunk of cement hardened in my toilet.I got the toilet fix 2 days ago, I think the workers accidentally drop some of the stuff into it.


What you need is a cold chisel and a hammer. This will easily chip the cement away, then you re grout it afterwards. Chemical dissolution would leave large stains, plus you would need hydroflouric acid (not hydrochloric) which is very dangerous. Hydrochloric does dissolve cement, but you are actually talking about grout, which is different. Cement is a misnomer, commonly misused to describe concrete, mortar, and grout. You could also use a diamomd boart saw, which you can rent at an equipment rental place. You might be better off choosing a hiding place under some wooden flooring, it is a lot easier to remove wood without leaving a visible mark.
Take a picture or two, then call the buys who repaired it and tell them they have to come back and fix it. If they give you a hard time, tell them you took pictures and threaten to call a lawyer. Then do it if you have to, but a threat is usually enough. Don't pay them a penny for coming back.
Sorry to tell you, cement doesn't dissolve. Someone's going to have to get in there with a hammer and chisel, which will probably break the toilet as well as the concrete. Call the guys who were there and did this to you, and have them remedy the situation.
I am trying to think of any kind of toilet repair that would involve masonry cement and I am coming up blank. In any event there are acids that will dissolve the cement but it may take time. Your repair men should be called back to re-repair the toilet. If they can't / won't come back at least find out what is the exact name of the substance that they used. Many products may only harden and block the toilet but not stick to it. In that case a wet/dry vac may pull it out or a toilet augur will smash it.

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