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What is Vehicle Operations like in the Air Force?

What's the daily routine, how often do you deployAre you inside doing paperwork all day or are you outside doing something?


Career Description The United States Air Force is a massive organization with over 300,000 Airmen and more than 80 bases around the worldWe rely heavily on transport planes to move people, equipment and supplies long distancesBut when it comes to intermediate and short distance, ground transportation and Vehicle Operations specialists are vital to our operation and successIn this field, you'll have to master coordinating and managing all aspects of ground transportation from planning routes and dispatching to crane operation and driving 18-wheelersCareer Tasks Operate vehicles ranging from sedans to buses, utility trucks and full 18-wheel tractor/trailer combinations that transport personnel and materials Drive material-handling equipment, wreckers, mounted cranes and hoists Participate in convoy operations and movements of supplies, munitions and outsized expeditionary forces Proficient in map and compass reading, determine vehicle types and specifications and assess capacities and limitations Skilled in operating vehicles, cleaning and servicing vehicles, overseeing loading and unloading of personnel and cargo and preparing operator records and reports Perform vehicle dispatching, receive requests for transportation services and assign and provide instructions to military motor vehicle operators Relevant Interests Skills Electronics Motor Vehicles Maintenance and Repair Shop Mechanics Training After eight-and-a-half weeks of Basic Military Training, every Airman goes to technical training to learn their careerHere's the basic information about Vehicle Operations technical training: School location: FtLeonard Wood [MO] Length of course: varies College degree earned: Transportation College credits earned: varies

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