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What is your opinion on solar energy?

What do you think and why?


I love it, because my system will pay for it's self in about 6 years and I will get about 19 years of free energy. The electric rates keep increasing and most people will be paying double in about 12 years. I will be protected from rate increases. My city just passed a 20% rate increase. That means my system will likely pay for it's self sooner and my bill will go up about $4 a month instead of $40.
I have had my system for almost a year and love it. I got a 3.74 kwh/dc system, my highest electric bill was $35 in the dead of winter and last month was $6.11. I paid $16K for the system and was told I would break even in my 6th year, that was factoring in a 5% annual rate increase. In my area the last few rate increased have been well over 5% and they are talking up to 12% next year. Just keep in mind the amount of energy you use will determine how large of a system will work best for you. My system is tied to the grid, so I don't need a storage system. My utility has net metering, so I sell them my excess during the day and buy back what I need at night.
Flowmaster or Borla but Borla may be too pricey

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