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What kind of rug to use??

I need to know what kind of rug could I put under a dining room table, I am thinking of getting a round table, also my living room and dining room is shared so I was needing some input if it would look to cluttered to put a rug, I really need it since I have kids and don't want to risk staining the carpet.


Hi there, I've been an interior designer for 19 years now and have used area rugs over other rugs many times. The previous poster was correct in saying it can discolor the surface rug. Mainly due to natural wear and fading. If you still choose to use another rug over your existing rug, they do make rug over rug pads. You will definitely want to use one of these (they sort of look like thick felt pads) to keep your area rug from shifting and to protect your other rug. As far as what type to use, the best thing to do to find what size to use is to measure your table with the chairs pulled out as they would be if you went to leave the table. Make sure the chairs fit over the area rug without going over the edge. This can be not only cumbersome, but can cause the chairs to tip over when sliding them back. If you are wondering about shape, it's really a personal preference, but I would ask what is needed in the room? Do you have a very geometric, modern look or traditional? Rugs come in round, oval, square and rectangle shapes. It's hard to say without seeing the table or room,honestly. If you are looking to use a synthetic rug, choose one that is olefin. It's the most stain resistant. Olefin cannot accept stains, like some synthetic materials. I personally love wool rugs though. They are very durable, and forgiving and wear like steel. I've found that using Spot Shot cleaner as needed to be the best also. I've removed many oil stains, wine etc. from carpets successfully with this GREAT product. Good luck! Best, Priscilla O'Kelly Wilkinson Sanctuary Design Portland, Maine
Aug 23, 2017
You need to be aware that many rugs discolor the carpet under them.
Aug 23, 2017
Ooooh, 'Rug'. Read it wrong. Good luck with that.
Aug 23, 2017
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Aug 23, 2017

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