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What kind of trailer does it takes to transport railroad cars without the use of a crane?

Someone I know has a trucking business and they need to transport railroad cars to the railyard several miles away and it must be done with the use of a rigHere is my dilema I need a trailer that will carry these railroad cars to their destination without the use of a craneIt needs to be backed up to the track so that they can lunoad the cars off the trailer and onto the trackMy question is what kind of trailer would it take to achieve this task? And if possible do you know where any pics are at for this kind of trailer.Any kind of help would be appreciated!!!!1:)-Ace


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All states require oversize and oerweight permits to move big loads over the roads.If a load can be broken down to a smaller size it is usually required.A trailer such as you want would have to be custom built,but before I did so I would check with the local DOT be cause they may not allow it.
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