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What Pattern Should I use for A Boys Lime Green Room?

I have decided i a year i am going to paint my room Lime Green but i cant decide what other colors or patterns to go with it i want all neon colors! thanks a bunch


I wouldn't cut corners. I don't know if you are in America, if you are, go to a Super Walmart. They sell 'real' key limes year round. Don't take the advice of adding green food coloring, a green key lime pie is the sign of a 'fake' pie. I also use fresh 'country' eggs, they are much richer and add a beautiful rich yellow color to your pie. I have used regular lime 'zest' and that is ok, and if you have a lot of limes OR KEY LIMES.. zest them all and freeze the zest for your next pie. I also juice all of my key limes and freeze the juice, that way you do a lot of work {the first time} and your next couple of pies are easy and ready to make. Good luck , Key Lime Pie is my favorite!!!
What Is Key Lime Juice
This Site Might Help You. RE: Can you substitute plain ole' limes for key limes in a lime pie recipe? The recipe calls for 1/2 cup key lime juice and 2 tsp lime zest
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Yes, most definitely. There will be a small taste difference detectable by those with more discerning palates. The pH of all limes is approx. 2.0- 2.4, so if the recipe depends on the lime juice to coagulate milk, as in making fresh cheeses or ice-box pies, any lime juice will suffice nicely. Bottled lime juice works just fine also. The zest varies little between Key limes and other limes. The Key lime is a variety of limes and is not common in supermarkets except in areas where it is grown because it does not ship well. The variety most common in supermarkets is the Persian lime because it ships well. It has a thicker pith, the area between the rind and fruit flesh, than the Key lime. All varieties of limes are yellow when they are mature. We prefer the taste of immature limes, i.e. just before they begin to ripen and turn yellow. That is why we think of limes as a green colored fruit.

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