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what rugs should a TB living out have?

i have just bought a thoroughbred who has a very fine coat despite the fact it is winter, he lived out at his previous home but with 2 rugs on. i want to continue having him living out but with so many rugs out there and not having to rug previous horses i am a bit confused! do you have any brands you recomend? how many rugs do you think he will need?i live in england so it can get a bit cold in the winter, i want to rug him because i would rather he keep his nice thin coat and also he is sued to being rugged and what with moving home and meeting all the new horses, not having a rug on might be a bit of a shock to the system!


I would definitely say that Weatherbeeta are the best brand for affordable but comfortable and hard wearing rugs. I've had my weatherbeeta rugs for two years and only had them washed, not reproofed even though one of my horses is a rug wrecker. I have a TB myself and I know how much of a pain it is to rug them! They are very prone to chills and don't really grow an incredibly fluffy coat. Here in scotland its already reached only 4 degrees at night and my hands are frozen, and plus the wind chill makes it a very cold night. My boys are both in mediumweights without necks at the moment at night and lightweights during the day. However this is also because they are getting clipped next week and I want to prepare them for that and not let them get too soft beforehand! For my TB I have this wardrobe - 1 x Lightweight (Mark Todd brand - very good durable, I would say the best out there) 2 x Mediumweight with and without a neck (both Weatherbeeta) 2 x Heavyweight with and without a neck (Mark Todd and Rambo - very good but very expensive brand) The two of the mediumweight / heavyweights mean that in the midst of winter when it gets absolutely FREEZING I can double rug, putting a mediumweight over a heavyweight or vice versa. I also have stable rugs but that depends on whether you are stabling them or not.
Aug 23, 2017

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