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What's going on with The Shield?

When they debuted they were going after big superstars like Cena, Ryback, Team Hell No, Orton, Sheanus, etc. and were basically doing it to get noticed, to be in the main event scene and they were a monster heel stable but now what? Nobody was successful in disbanding them and the feuds just stopped. I was expecting Cena to do it like he did with Nexus but nothing. The Shield are just jobbing now. Are they gonna stay like that it will they turn face and go after the Wyatt Family?


Umm.. you can't do anything about it. And you shouldn't. Obviously they need it to try and figure out who the Guy is and as far as your protection they're correct as well you could be in danger if anyone associated with the burglar found out you recorded it. C'mon now.
He should really wear gloves and use a disposable towel. Re-using a towel can have been contaminated by: hands, the skewer itself, the meat (if it's chicken and meat both this is a big no-no), and if it is left on any other surface.
This is obviously fake, but I will answer the question anyway, There is nothing you can do. On the faint chance that this did happen to you, the person who broke into the other persons house, could have been on the FBI's Wanted list, he could have been a domestic terrorist, or they could have had surveillance on the Building for another reason. You could have videotaped something they did not want you to see, or something that could help their case.

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