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What's on the fire engine?

What's in the fire engine?A large box in the square. Is it full of water?


4 other special equipment. Such as chemical protective clothing, protective clothing to avoid the fire service, etc.The inside of the big box is certainly not full of water, this point should be made clear, some people think that all is water, how to play a few minutes without water, in fact, this is not understand the fire engines.
2. Fire extinguisher spraying facilities. Such as pumps, power take-off, interfaces, valves (in and out) and so on3, commonly used equipment. Such as water hose, water cannon, air breathing apparatus, generator, smoke extractor, fire fighting equipment, hydrant wrench, water bridge......
There are many kinds of fire engines, such as water tank fire engines, dry powder fire engines, foam fire engines, emergency fire engines, logistic fire engines, lighting fire engines and climbing fire engines.That's the big car you say. It's usually the case.1, fill the water, or install part of the foam, dry powder, that is, extinguishing agent

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