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What's the difference between Blu ray (Blu-rayDisc) and ultra high definition (1080P)?

What are the requirements for both playback devices?


First of all, from the LZ question, we can see that the concept of HD and Blu ray has been confused. Let's answer them one by one. HD usually refers to HD hard disk players. Is a built-in, but also removable hard disk and mobile hard disk, special broadcast, decoding high-definition video, audio and video files of the machine. Representative: tomacro 310A/ BV8068/ Biwei DVD / HDTV N3, etc.. The internal structure is actually a simplified microcomputer that does not have the installation of complex third party software, such as QQ. But it has enhanced audio and video playback and decoding capabilities, from the grade positioning to use the internal chips for Realtek 1073, Realtek 1283, SMP8653/8655, SMP8635/8634, SMP8642/8643. At present the HD playback source to the hard disk as the carrier, such as: TS, MKV, playing M2TS, outstanding special HD format, AVI package, source is easy to get, greatly increased flexibility, the cost is very low.
The two are out of touch. Blu ray is an optical disc, played on Blu ray DVD, and Blu ray movies are 1080P's.. There are other formats for movies that are 1080P, but Blu ray has good sound effects as well as multiple tracks.

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