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What's wrong with my new roller skates?

I have California skates with aluminum chassis and rubber wheels that I bought for $70 from my local rink. I've worn them about 3 times for 2hrs each time. They buzzed a lot, which I was told was a result of oil and grease being packaged with the wheels and needed to be heated down. I turned my treadmill on cross trainer and held on for about 15 minutes. That decreased the buzzing somewhat, but I can only skate about 3 walking steps per push regardless of speed. The lugs are as tight as they can go and there's still some play in the wheels.It's driving me crazy that I can't get any momentum or distance with my skates. Idk if its just the way the skates will always be, if I need to keep using them to make them work, or if they're just bad skates. The only people I've asked opinions from work for my rink, so I'm here for a non-biased opinion.


If you keep doing it in the same area, yes it will leave a mark or a red spot. I have a scar because I snapped it hard. But just be careful. Yes, it is way better than cutting because I did it. But it should just be red if you do it once in a while.
Yes, it is perfectly okay to put a mattress protector over the electric blanket. I have just bought a woollen magnetic underlay and that sits over my electric blanket too. You won't have any problems. Remember though that it will take longer to feel the heat if you have the protector over the top. Add: electric blankets are much safer than they used to be now and I doubt that you can start a fire. I wouldn't leave the blanket on all day though so do remember to turn it off once you have finished using it. If your electric blanket is very old then get rid of it and get a new one.

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