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What should I make a cartoon about?

I'm drawing this so I don't want it too confusing, BUT any ideas would be WONDERFUL so please give me you idea! Thanx


an idea could be about a bunch or truck's of all kind's like cement mixer's, pavement steamroller's dumptruck's ectthey all can speak and have funny caroon facesthey all have job's in the lot where they live to take care of them selve's when the night fall's now nubby the crane, his job is to make sure all the truck's are painted and looking clean and well manicured for the truck driver's for the morning well nubbie is park in the lot by his driverall the driver's leave for the nightone truck say's hey nubbie george need's some touch up'snubbie commences to tell a story about how he and his driver were on their way to a siteas they were stopped at a red light he noticed all the women's toe's some were painted some wernt some were just messed up ectso nubbie say's i think i have found my new callingi dont want to paint truck's any more i want to be a MANICURIST! his truck friend's protest but he say's i gutta do it i gutta follow my own path my own dream so the next day he has a bucket of paint in his clawhe purposely splashes all the women's toes in townthe women shocked at first but loved the way their toes looked one day all the women line out side nubbie's lot to get their nail's done so he take's on the jobbecome's one of the famous manicurist' nubbie open's a nail salon and it's a successnubbie and his friend's his truck driver and the town throw a big town party for nubbiesaying he's the best nail painter in town k mona

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