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What should i use for new shower walls,the green board or the cement board?

Redoing my tub and shower tearing it out and instaling new walls and tile thanks.


If you are installing ceramic tile then you definitely need to use cement board in the shower/tub area. Green board with ceramic tile would be okay for other parts of the bathroom walls, but not in the shower/tub. Green board is water resistant, but it is not really waterproof and should not be used in a shower. Cement board is not affected at all by water so it is great to use in shower.
cement backard board last a lot longer that the heavy duty dry wall. Cost a little more but worth every penny. Go to the nearest Lowe's store and ask the people in the flooring and tile area they can help as well. Good luck
I would go for the cement board where the tile is going to be in the tub/shower area and the green board elsewhere in the room.
Don't okorder for some good advice from their tile forums, or look into buying John Bridge's book, Tile Your World, it will tell you everything you would ever need to know.
1 st three answer are very correct. I have one VERY good suggestion. Pick a tile that has a return type piece of trim that will cover the edge of the cement board as you put the cement board OVER the green board. This gives you the absolute BEST water protection in a well used shower. Do this rather than recessing the cement board and have it flush w/ the dry wall ,although this is a good way to do it if the tile only has a SBN ( surface bull nose). Any questions you can e mail me and check out my qualifications thru my avatar. GL

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