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What size rug bib for my cob?

I have recently noticed that my cob's rug is rubbing slightly so I am going to buy her a Rug Bib to prevent this. She wears a 6'9 rug so what size would u recommend?


Hmm. A perennial problem is rug rubbing! First of all, look at the style of the rug and see if there is another style you could get. Some rugs are better for different shapes of horse than others. Horse and Hound did some articles on different types of rugs. Look them up on horseandhound.co.uk and go to archives. Also rub surgical spirits into areas that are already rubbing to toughen the skin and prevent sores. Also good to put on the saddle and girth areas of an unfit horse a few days before saddling him. I think from the length of the rug that he is a pretty large horse, so I would go for an extra large if he has a particularly wide chest, or large if his chest is not so wide. or measure him from shoulder to shoulder and from withers to tops of his legs and phone the company and see what they suggest. It is difficult to tell without seeing the horse.
Aug 23, 2017
i would go for the large my friends horse wears xtra large and is an 16.2 irish draught so large will be fine
Aug 23, 2017

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