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what sizes does carpet come in and how do you buy it(yard, sq. foot?..)?

also, if you can tell me two suppliers that sell carpet


Carpet usually comes in at W= 10',12',14',16' or larger and Length in 50'. They are sold in square feet or square yard. Depend where you buy them. But you can get bigger size if you need from the supply store.
How Wide Is Carpet
Carpet comes in 12 and 15 ft goods for the most part, there are some 13.5 ft wide too. Federal law mandates it be sold by the s/f but some places will tell you the s/y price to give you an idea ( people still use it as a comparison) To find a supplier near you just type in a carpet brand name and they all have a store locator to guide you to a store near you. example/ Mohawk , Shaw etc
If this is for a math class, then a square foot is a square that measures 12 inches on each side. You can then picture that you could lay 30 of those out in a row and that would run the length of your room. You would then need 20 of those rows. So you could add all of that up or you could multiply, like has been previously discussed. However if this is for someone purchasing carpet, you should know that carpet generally comes in 12 foot wide rolls plus or minus a bit depending on the mill where it's made. and you'll probably have to buy 60 linear feet or 720 square feet, this will give you one seam running the length of the room. Alternatively you could hope that the roll is exactly 12 feet wide and you could buy 50 linear feet but this will give you three seams. If it's being installed for you, then it will probably be figured the second way. Although the first way gives a better installation. It's the difference between theoretical and reality.
Carpet comes in many sizes, from small squares to wide widths and almost no limit in length. Available from local carpet shops, Home Depot along with other home improvement stores. Years ago it was priced by the square yard, but with today's high prices they mostly charge by the square foot, so as not to scare you off with sticker shock

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