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What time do you normally go to bed?

It's 2.45am here and I think I should go to bed.What time do you go to bed?What time do you start school if you go to school that is?


I normally go to bed at around 11 or 12. The doors for school open at 7:30. I wake up around 5:50, by the time I get ready, eat, and I also take the bus.
GO TO BED!!!!!! I usually go to bed around 10:20, actually turn the lights off about twenty minutes later, and school starts at 8 sharp! (but I get up at six...)
I usually go to bed around 8:45 and just, like, pass out. I start school at 8:40, but the bus comes at 7:30, so I get up around 6:15.
like 12:30 or 1. I start school at 8:15
I've always had sleep issues. On average, it's around 1:30 - 2:00 am. And it's never by choice. I exhaust myself to a point of breakdown, but I can never seem to sleep. I start school at 7:30 am most mornings. Every Friday second Tuesday and Thursday I start at 9. This means I'm up at around quarter to 7 and it's an average of 5 hours sleep, every night. And people wonder how I still live.

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