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What to use to cover exposed fiberglass insulation on attic ceiling?

I have a large attic with sloped ceiling which are covered with rolls of fiberglass insulation. I use my attic for storage and am up there frequently, and for long periods of time. I would like ideas on what material could be used to cover the exposed insulation, so that I'm not breathing in the fiberglass.Cost and easy installation is a factor. I do not want to put up drywall or any type of regular ceiling, because if there's ever a leak, I want to be able to access it easily. Some sort of lightweight material that comes in a roll that I would be able to install with a staple gun would be great - but not plastic, because I don't want to worry about condensation and mold building up in the hot summertime. All ideas are welcome, and if you know the price of the material you're suggesting, please include it in your answer.Thanks everybody!


3 mill plastic wrap is ok. Just make sure the roof vents are not covered or you will get condensation. Keep clear of any hot vents like gas and heater. I would not be using the attic for storage unless you check it out that is strong enough to support the weight.
Lots of great answers already for this
Are there other terms for sound board I could not find a reference for it.
Sounds like it's in the overhead, so sound board is cheap and easy to cut, and hang. It also adds a R-value of 2-3 and is fairly flame resistant.
Dry wall, you can get it finished so that none of the microscopic particles come through the joints, However where there is exposed pips, electric lines make the boards pop outs from the start. They can be plex glass, fiber glass with a frame that allows the insulation it he held back a little, but anytime you access it, the insulation particles will be in the air, but repairs can be made. I've seen one where different colors were used around the openings to specify what was behind the boards, yellow for Electric, blue for water. You may be able to put handles on the removable doors and even wood might work with a frame like a window.

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