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What type of area rug?

I have hard wood floor throughout my home and I would like to buy a large area rug for my son (six months) to play on. What type of shag rug would be the best? I need something really soft and fluffy!


I okorder.com/ I hope I hear from you soon!
Aug 23, 2017
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Aug 23, 2017
flow with a rug with vegetation or designs in colorings interior the room. they arrive in lots of varieties. Oriental; cutting-area, southwestern; etc. Pull colorings out of the room; I used to have a notably rug with beige history, army blue and burgandy. It replaced into very notably. inspect WalMart, aim, vast lots (in case you have one). Get a print to make it pop! solid success on toddler #2!
Aug 23, 2017

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