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What type of exhaust system should i get for my turbocharger?

I have a honda, and my dad told me he was going to put a turbocharger on it, I‘m no wiz at cars, but is there some type of performance exhaust that I should put on my car?


A normal G35 takes 30 psi in both the front and rear tires If it is a G35 Sport it varies between 33-35 psi front and rear. Never Ever fill tires to the max pressure on the side. Vehicle Manufacturers engineer the the Tire Pressures for the vehicle to give the best traction, braking and fuel mileage for a vehicle. They did the math dont screw with it. Anyone who is in the TIRE INDUSTRY KNOWS THERE IS NO GENERIC PRESSURE FOR VEHICLES AND SETTING PRESSURES 5-10 LBS BELOW THE MAX IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND SHOULD NOT BE GIVING MISINFORMATION. ASE Master Tech 30+ yrs
The pressure rating on the tire is usually the maximum recommended pressure from the manufacturer. You should ALWAYS look for a decal on the frame around the drivers door that will tell you exactly what to inflate the tires to. It's there by law (unless someone was stupid enough to remove it) Be aware that when you take your car to the shop to have work on the tires, they may not inflate to the recommended pressure so go behind and check.
Look at the tires. Each tire will list the recommended air pressure required for proper operation. All the tires should be the same air pressure. The information will be located close to the rim imprinted into the rubber of the tire.
Anything but one of those srupid resonators that rice kids think is an exhaust system. Its the ones that have a huge opening and sound like a weed whacker. Stay away from those

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