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what would the first step in upgrading my strat be?

Six years ago, when I started playing guitar, I got a $300 guitar starter set of an amp, some cables, and a VERY amateur fender squireIt was great for a starter guitar, and I have moved on and gotten more and much higher quality guitars, but I would love to take the squire (it has an OK tone and action, as far as guitars that are worth $150 go) and customize it.What would be the first step in getting it great sound? I was thinking about replacing the pickups with more expensive and higher quality pickups, but I have also heard that replacing the bridge and neck would do wondersIn the end I will try to replace everything (including replainting the body).What would be the best thing to replace to get the greatest difference in sound?


Hello, Alex! First step to better sound would be replacing the pickupsFor truly great sound, take a look at the hum-cancelling series at Seymour-Duncan and DimarzioThese manufacturers (among others, of course) offer pickups are affordable, and sound really, really good! Stay away from the bargain-basement pickups, as they will not offer you any noticeable improvementAfter pickups, consider the bridge, machine tuners, and electronic componentsLast step would be a better neck, but that is mostly for playability (as opposed to tone)Best regards, Dana

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