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whats the difference between these skateboard bearings?

i saw some that said speed demons, abec 7 and some that just said ABEC 7 which ones are faster?


Long board wheels are larger and wider than skateboard wheels. And because of it, longboards are faster for travelling compared to skateboards and it can even roll to rougher terrain. i haven't tried to put longboard wheels on my skateboard so i guess you had to try to put the longboard wheels on your skateboard and see if the wheels won't touch the board when you ride it. Else, you had to replace your skateboard wheels or use your longboard.
speed demons are faster more oiled...abec 7 bearings are standard..both are cheap tho, id try to get somethign faster like bone swiss
Speed Demons is a brand. ABEC ratings are a generic marking with almost no meaning for skate bearings. ABEC is for high speed machinery with much larger loads. ABEC 7 does not mean that they are better than ABEC 5, ABEC 3 or even ABEC 1. Some bearings without an ABEC rating are designed to be better for skating than ones that follow the ABEC standards. Some generic (no name brand) bearings can be wonderful but you never know.

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