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When swimming and diving, the water goes into the ear.

When I dive, a lot of water goes into my ears, eyes and nose, and chokes a few saliva. Can water enter my brain from my ears, eyes and nose?


Check whether there is water, gently hit the top with the wrist parts, if there is an echo, indicating that there is water in, it is not possible to go to the hospital, let the doctor deal with, if the inflammation, as soon as possible treatment
Can not.. The water in the nose goes into the stomach, and the water in the ear doesn't come out. If the time is long, you will get otitis media. It is better to push the water down one side of the ear, while jumping, squeezing it out by hand, and then turning it in the eye of the cotton swab.
Can not enter the brain, rest assured.It is recommended to dip in some water with your fingers before applying the water, and then apply 1 drops in the ears. Thus, diving water is not easy to enter the ear. But the nose is full of water. It's entirely up to you that you haven't adjusted your breathing.

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