When to blanket my Arab?

I'm planning ahead for my first winter with my ArabI'm familiar with blanketing guidelines for drafts and QH's but I'm wondering if Arabs need to be blanketed at higher temperatures than other breedsI'm not showing her this winter so he fur can grow naturallyWe travel through the southeast so the winter ranges from 15 degrees on a really cold day all the way to the mid 60'sIf any one has an Arab in the south I would love to know what your winter routine is.


after you have washed it, while it is still wet, get someone else and pull each sleeve together and also pull the bottom and top of the jumperDry it, try it on and keep stretching until it fits my knit jumper does the same thing and i have to do this after every wash (i am not buying anymore, its too much work as they sometimes shrink too)
I have two arab mares and I live in the NorthThe temp varies from as low as -30F to +40FI never blanket either one of themThey do not get coldThey get really good, dense (but not long) furWhen it's warm, they flatten their coats down and are nice and coolWhen it's cold, they fluff them up like sheep and stay toasty warmAs long as your horse will not be left out in wet windy conditions, which soak the fur, she will be fine without a blanketHorses are not house pets; they're like deer or cowsThey don't need blanketsThe only reason to blanket is to prevent fur growth for showingThey'll be healthier if you let them get furry and don't blanket, as they can regulate their own temperature, while a blanket may keep them TOO warm.
some wool shrinks on a boil wash.yet some wool grows greater and baggier! you would be greater effectual off asking the pal who knitted it if she might knit a smaller one for you and supply it to somebody greater than you! or shop it till your get pregnant or obese!

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