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Where are some safe and affordable areas in New York City to live?

I am planning to move to new york city next yearCan someone give me some idea of which areas are safe, reasonable in price(no more than $2100) for an apt and close to all forms of public transportation.


agree Brooklyn will provide you with both Safety cannot be guarantee to anyonebut some areas are relatively OK Ok here we go: BTW, I don't drive eitherBrooklyn is big boroughMost trains run through it to Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx It used to have, say, Italian areas, Orthodox Jews, muslim onesNow,mostly, all mixedI am not saying it is worseIt is differentI live in Italian area Bensonhurst, and it is safe enoughYou can walk in dark(keeping my fingers crossed) average 1 bedroom (2 rooms) apartment would cost $1.200 + utilityUsually you get it from Realty States,, but they charge at least 1 rentBut landlord will give you a 1 or 2 year apartment lease, which guarantee you a lotIn apartment building with or w/out elevatorsPrivate house apartment might cost little lessThere are N an D train hereAbout frequency: rush hour it is Ok everywhere (just crowded), off rush hour, well you can wait say 20 minThere is no scheduleTrains are heated and A/CSo are busesLife in NY is rather crazy and chaotic, especially if you coming from small town (like I was), but once you get used to it, you will love it Welcome Hope I helped

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