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Where can I buy an ALUMINUM trailer hitch for my car? ( I want lighter aluminum, not steel )?

I have searched everywhere and all I find are just standard steel trailer hitches for my 2006 Toyota CorollaThe Corolla is a lightweight car and bolting on a heavy steel hitch just makes the rear end of the Corolla drag on the ground, like the springs are broke or somethingSo I want something lighter, something made out of aluminum.The trailer that I pull is an extremely lightweight utility trailer that I built myself, so light I can pick it up and carry it above my head, so I don't need a hitch capable of towing a horse-trailer or anything like that ! I see how trailer hitches for my type of car are made and I have some 4 X 4 “L” aluminum bars here and I’m thinking of just bolting some pieces together with some bolts to form an aluminum trailer hitch of my own design, but I wanted to first find out if anyone else knows of a manufacturer that makes trailer hitches for cars out of aluminum ? That way I won’t have to build one myselfIf you know of any, please let me know, thanks !


Be aware that you are liable if something breaks and the trailer hits a carInsurance might not cover that since it is homemadeThe safety chains also tie to itThere is a lot more forces in all directions than you realize.
Honestly, I believe you're barking up the wrong treePolypropylene is so nonpolar that there's nothing for an acid dye to hang onto, and a simple additive would just wash outShort of using a modified polypropylene co-polymer or blending the PP with a dyeable polymer of a little greater polarity, I don't know what to suggestSorry!

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