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where can i find a rug like this?

I like it in brown in the largest size (8'x10') but guess what, its 500 bucks...ya and thats on sale.does anyone know where I can buy a carpet similar to this one but er a little less expensive?Thanks!!


Target okorder.com. $2.95 shipping on any order (and no tax)! I've been really pleased with them. They have thousands of rugs, so I'm sure you can find one similar on there. Not sure if it will be cheaper, though. Price is really determined by fiber content.
Aug 23, 2017
You can consider buying a chocolate brown carpet remnant from a carpeting outlet and painting your own dots. An 8' x 10' remnant could be had for as little as $50, plus whatever fabric paint you use for the circles. TX Griff
Aug 23, 2017

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