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Where can I find exhaust system for Jeep wrangler?

I have an 89 Jeep wrangler 4 cyl. Right now it just has stock exhaust on it, but I want to put a duel performance exhaust on it. Something like flowmaster, borla, magnaflow, etc. Where can I find one of these? I‘ve checked the websites and what not but they don‘t really tell me anything.


If it is not a severe clog maximum automobiles will idle large yet lack acceleration and solid velocity. the least difficult thank you to attempt a vehicle for a clogged exhaust device is this: connect a vacuum gauge (low priced gadget) to the intake manifold, turn the throttle plate a techniques, and watch the gauge. If vacuum starts off out reliable and progressively drops off (and the engine slows down as nicely) you have a clogged exhaust (maximum probable CAT).
you have a broken brake line or a bad wheel cyclinder or calioercheck master cylinder fluid level hard to cost out repair good luck

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