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Where can I find reviews for truck exhaust systems?

I have a 2006 chevy silverado 5.3 (78in) and am in the market for a kickass exhaust system. I like to do a lot of research before I buy anything big like that so does anyone know where I could find some reviews of exhaust systems (borla, magnaflow, etc.)? I‘ve looked through a couple of my magazines but I don‘t have much. Any help would be great.Suggestions would be nice too! Looking for something with deep deep sound.


I wouldnt listen to some of this advice Especially not from someone who has never even owned a mudder and is simply going off second hand knowledge and online vehicle reviews, first off id stay away from foreign trucks iv hauled my fair share of them out of the mud and they are built like **** and hard to modify, go domestic, personally i think dodge is garbage but thats just my opinion chev and ford are both good, id go with something old and inexpensive, early 90's and late 80's are reliable well made trucks but if you want something even easier to mod go with late 70's carborated, they are not as reliable as fuel injection but are very simplistic. If you are deadset on an suv blazers broncos and pre 1996 jeep grand cherokees are all beauties. Once you have on of these id go 6 inch lift and 38 or 40 inch tires. Make sure you have selectible lockers on front and rear, this is very important. If you like hill climbing make sure you got a reg cab and shortbox for clearance. If you can weld put some rock scrapers to protect your rockers and a front winch can get you out of some tricky situations forsure. My best mudder was a 1978 f150 with a big block carburated v8. So dont listen to anyone who says you should go new because for the most part the newer you go the more expensive and harder to modify it gets, save yourself the trouble and go early 90's or older
wow you'll get almost 4 more hp lol.

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