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Where do I need to file my civil suit?

I am going to file a civil suit against my former employer.WV State law dictates that they have 72 hrs from dismissal to pay all wages due. If they do not they are then liable for the original amount PLUS 3 times that amount as liquidation damages.It is a LARGE corporation, located in another state. I worked for the local retail store. The Distribution center in the state was where all of our district people and such that oversee all of the stores and employees in the state are located.I finally DID get my final check but it was 6 days after I was fired. I was written on the DC's bank rather than the CORPORATIONS which is where my normal paychecks are drawn.Do I file the suit on the STORE, which is located in the same county as myself and the magistart court, the DC which is in another county, or the CORPORATION which is in another state?And, if its not the store do I have to file in another county (where the DC is located)?


YOU are going to get dirty. They will teach you the basics in AIT. You will learn the rest in the hanger. BUTthey will not teach you muchif anything about electrical systems controlling flight, the engines and all the avionics. Aircraft get vibrated to death.things come loose nnectors get corroded (even when they look good). Poor grounds will make you crazy and make things not work or some other item to work when it should not. On the avionics side a bad ground could take out a single item of many.what happens is the increase in resistance reduces the voltage applied..und das ist nicht gut! Example: My tranny goes into limp mode (stays in 3rd gear).why? Several tranny codes come upproblem ignition cable. Remove it, replace it, problem gone. Meter the old onenot problem could be found. Solid copper alarm contacts, very simple open or closed design. Item remains closed for extended time and creates false alarmsclean them and problem goes away. UH1all avionics die when about 15 feet off the deck. Current elevation does not matterjust dies about the time they are going to turn and creep to the takeoff area.altemeter right? Wrong and no one on the flight line could figure it out so it goes back to the world on a C5 fro depot repair. After 27 months in a avionics shop I spent another 25 years in electronics. 21 in banking systems and security. We would take connectors apart, clean em a bit, pull boards from the card cage and clean the connectors with a rubber eraser, clean rubber rollers (do you clean your mouse if using a old style table top type)gooo happens. While I doubt you will find any repair manuals for the engines you will find them for diesil engines with turbo's and mo gas enginessame ideas different enginesclean them, look for leaks, don't look for loose hardware..test them with a wrench and for Gods sake they call it the Jesus nut for a reason.but you will have to look that up. SSG US Army 73-82 Avionics and Signal
Lightning is the discharging of potential energy so I suppose it'd technically be kinetic in nature. Potential energy doesn't do the doing.the potential for something to happen is there. For example, if you were walking along a cliff, you have the potential to fall off, that potential energy turns into kinetic energy when you fall. Lightning is the result of conduction.

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